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Provacan 600mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil - 10ml

Provacan 600mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil - 10ml

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Novel Food application number: RP821

Featuring an enhanced and upgraded formulation that builds upon its already acclaimed, award-winning full-spectrum CBD formula, the Provacan 600mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil promises faster and more potent results. This product stands as a valuable investment in your personal well-being and daily wellness, delivering consistent benefits each time you make it a part of your routine.

Sourced meticulously from the finest organic farms in the EU, every hemp plant used in this 600mg CBD Oil is genetically selected to ensure utmost quality. Bursting with a rich concentration of cannabidiol, terpenes, and other advantageous phytocompounds such as CBC, CBG, and CBN, this oil offers users an elevated entourage effect, creating a synergistic interplay of compounds that work harmoniously. Furthermore, this CBD product is rigorously verified through laboratory testing, assuring its quality and potency.

By choosing the Provacan 600mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, you're opting for an elevated experience that merges cutting-edge formulation with responsible sourcing, all aimed at enriching your overall well-being and enhancing your daily wellness routine.

  • Made In The UK
  • 600mg Full Spectrum CBD
  • 6% Strength
  • 3mg Per Drop
  • 10ml Bottle
  • Award-Winning Full-Spectrum CBD Formula
  • New & Improved Faster & Stronger Formula
  • Full Range of Active Phytocannabinoids
  • Laboratory-Verified CBD Content

How to Use: Place 2-4 drops under the tongue and hold for 60 seconds, twice a day.

Ingredients: Olea Europaea, Hemp Plant Extract.

THC content<0.2%

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