What is CBD ?

What is CBD ?

Whether you're a CBD novice or seasoned expert, you've likely come across the rising buzz surrounding CBD over the past few years. Its prevalence and widespread appeal have skyrocketed, capturing the attention of numerous individuals. Considering the multitude of reported advantages by consistent users and the ongoing clinical trials, it becomes essential to shed light on what CBD truly is and why it merits serious consideration for your own well-being.

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, and is one of the many active compounds found in hemp plants. Unlike THC it is not psychoactive, so won’t get you high and is mostly known for its calming effects. CBD is also widely used in the wellness world for its wide range of benefits.

Believing it has calming properties, many CBD users integrate it into their daily routines to help them de-stress and find greater calm. Whether it is a few drops of CBD oil to get your day going, a CBD Drink to aid concentration or a CBD tea to help wind down in the evening many people there are ample opportunities to use the CBD during the our daily lives.  


How does CBD work?

CBD works with a system in our body called our Endocannabinoid System (our ECS), a system of nerves and receptors that works to help our body stay in balance. It is only in the last 30 years or so that scientists have begun to better understand the importance of the ECS to our overall health. With today’s modern lifestyles we often make poor lifestyle choices due to time or budget constraints for example, which negatively impacts our diets , ageing, stress and injury risk.  All these factors can hinder the body’s ability to regulate endocannabinoid levels, but as CBD is a natural, plant-based supplement it is believed to help “top-up” the endocannabinoid levels and balance your ECS. By helping to regulate the ECS, CBD can help to alleviate pain, soothe inflammation, and even support our immune systems.

It has also been said that CBD can help promote better sleep, reduce fatigue and improve focus.

When trying to relax, we need to reduce stress, release tension and rest. Everyday stress, long hours at work and interrupted sleep can be huge barriers to relaxation.

If you are struggling to relax, CBD may be able to help you. Whether that is with a CBD oil, a CBD drink or even CBD capsules you can create your own ‘me space’, a routine for yourself to simply relax and enjoy. The process of taking CBD can itself become relaxing, for example a moment of calm whilst you place a few drops of Oil under your tongue.  Or relax whilst you enjoy a calming CBD Tea instead of an alcoholic drink or sweet snack.   


What is the best way to take CBD ?

As CBD has grown in popularity so the range of products has also expanded, so that alongside the ‘traditional’ Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum Oils and Capsules you can also find CBD in Balms and Creams, Tinctures as well as Soft Drinks and Tea. CBD Gummies and Sweets are an increasingly popular treat particularly for those on the move.

You can find our full range of fantastic CBD products using the links above or via our Homepage. How you wish to take CBD rather depends on what benefit you are looking to receive, and also personal preference. Find out more information in our article The Most Popular Ways to Take CBD.

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