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CanBe 500mg CBD Full Spectrum Natural Oil - 30ml

CanBe 500mg CBD Full Spectrum Natural Oil - 30ml

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Novel Food application number: RP441

Regain mastery over your life with CanBe's Full Spectrum CBD Oil, a key to reclaiming your autonomy without constraints. Bid farewell to lingering doubts and embrace the transformative potential of this oil to revamp your lifestyle and well-being.

Whether you're embarking on a new CBD journey or seeking novel experiences, CanBe's CBD Oils are poised to empower you. Elevate your sense of self, bask in motivation, and foster contentment through CBD's remarkable influence.

Tailored to offer a low-calorie solution, CanBe's CBD oils prioritize simplicity. With just carrier oil, terpenes, and CBD, they provide the purest essence of CBD. This minimalist approach ensures allergen-free formulations, solely dedicated to delivering an impeccable CBD experience.

Empower yourself through CanBe's Full Spectrum CBD Oil – a conduit to reclaiming your life with unadulterated freedom and well-being.

  • 500mg Full Spectrum CBD
  • 30ml Bottle With Dropper
  • 16.6mg Per Pipette
  • 0.83mg Per Drop
  • Signed & Approved
  • Pesticide Free

How to Use: Pinch the rubber dropper and drip the desired amount of oil under your tongue. Hold the oil there for 30-60 seconds before swallowing any remaining oil. It is recommended that you don’t take more than 70mg of CBD daily.

Ingredients: Full Spectrum Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol (CBD), MCT Oil & Terpenes.

THC content<0.2%

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